We love animals and we want to keep this idea of ​​sharing with them, taking care of and respecting our beautiful surroundings. You must detail us about your pet and sign the responsible ownership agreement, which considers the maintenance and care of the cabins.


  • We accept only animal pets that are not aggressive, neither with persons nor with other animals.

  •  Animal pets must not be left alone inside the cabins.  Only on the terrace under the responsibility of the owner.

  •   If you take your animal pet for a walk in our enclosure your pet can go without a leash,on condition that it will always be under the supervision and responsibility of you, the owners.

  • If your animal pet defecates in our enclosure, you must remove the faeces.

  • Your pet must not defecate nor urinate inside the cabins, under no circumstances whatsoever.

  • Your pet  must not sleep nor climb on the beds and furniture, as the animals molt and  emanate odours.

  • You must bring their own articles, such as water plate, food, bed , toys and lash.